Adulthood Dreams

My whole life I have been looking for a way to run my own business and make a million dollars, not because money is everything but it certainly makes just about everything easier. I thought about opening a movie theater and employing at risk teens (I still kind of like this idea) but the start up cost is astronomical. The movie theater would have to be environmentally friendly too. I try to be extremely conscious of the waste I produce and the pollution I put out. I recycle and compost, I don’t use disposable straws or plastic grocery bags, and I am saving up for an all electric car (my first big kid purchase!). I thought about inventing really cool technology that saves the Earth from disaster, but it turns out I have not even the slightest clue how to start making things like that. I also thought about running for a publicly elected office to try and make governmental changes. But if I’m being honest with myself, I can’t even listen to the news without getting heartburn so being immersed in it everyday will probably kill me. So my current adulthood dream is just to find a little niche corner that I love and that loves me. Every Saturday morning is yoga at my local studio. I spend my time practicing being present in the moment and loving my body, but I also let my dreams wash over me and see which one sticks. I imagine it like there’s a little spot of glue on a canvas and all of my ideas are pieces of glitter, when I lift up my canvas only one section of glitter sticks and that’s my area to explore next. I know that when I do find my perfect fit, I’ll never stop this practice. I am always thinking of how I can better myself, help better my family, better my (currently imaginary) business. No doubt, every Saturday for the rest of my life I will start with a fresh canvas and millions of glitter pieces and see where that takes me. So my overall thought of the musing is this; don’t forget to try on each dream, if it doesn’t fit try on something else. Again not really new or profound but definitely speaking to me in a profound way. Cheers!

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