I am sure you are wondering, “why birds?”. I have this quiet passion for birds that all started when I saw “The Big Year” about six or seven years ago. This movie just makes me happy. It stars Jack Black, Steve Martin, and Owen Wilson. Jack Black’s character is so relate-able to me. A middle-aged person who has no clue what to do with their life so they spend a year of self-discovery just doing the one thing that makes you happy. Another movie that I highly recommend for an inspiring self-discovery story line is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, the remake with Ben Stiller. Beautiful to watch and it just makes you want to travel and live your best life. (I am terribly sorry these both star white men) Okay back to the birds. To me, birds are the ultimate embodiment of freedom. They travel anywhere they want to go, across continents without a passport, no job to hold them back, no money to tie them down, simply put that’s how I want to live. The featured image for this post is a Sooty Shearwater. This bird is abundant from California to Australia. How. Amazing. California to Australia! Is it weird to say I am jealous of a bird? I have no clue if what I am doing, switching careers mid education, is bringing me closer or farther from that kind of a life. Sometimes I worry that I will be a career student, because I keep discovering I don’t like what I am doing a few semesters in. But, my heart just wont let me stay in something that I don’t love. If something annoys me, I can’t live with it for more than a day. This especially applies to a career, my average time at jobs is 10-14 months. As I get older, however, some things become much more clear. For example, I know I want to be my own boss, I know I want to make a difference in peoples’ lives, and I know I want to make a difference in the environment. I talked about moving from science to medicine earlier, and I think this really will fit my hopes nicely. I hate to say money is a factor of how I live my life, but it’s a fact of life that you need it to live and I think become a physician’s assistant can fulfill that part of life too.

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